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on her bible. she was killed by one of our cement trucks. diane was a regular bike valet parker at our giant game and this sunday the san francisco bike coalition will be doing a ride on her behalf. for those who have not heard about this there was a recent article whoa person who witnessed this incident said she was stopped at a traffic light and she was sitting on her bike at the light and the truck
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driver was there as well. her body was caught in her bike spoke and she bleed out. while they paint a line in the pedestrian crosswalk it does fade. but your wishes and thoughts go out to diane's family and we would like toy that we end our board meeting in her memory >> thank you superior mar. >> thank you first of all, i wanted to let my colleagues know
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that on the imperative agenda we have a acknowledgment for the russian culture center. go to russian s it's a really great festival. i want to alert you that i am requesting a meeting on our city assess ordinance >> i want to say thank you to the china advocacy. last year we have people who
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have a limited english language we want to obtain information for these people. in 70 an estimated 44 percent speak a language other than england more like chinese and russian and other languages. it's important for you our local agencies to effective community during a sdrafrs. especially we want to thank the
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organizations that the district that are advocating language assess. also i think a lot of my colleagues i've been seeing at the chinese festival we began celebrating already but if i want more information there's a great website you can assess and it's called chinese but it shows everything from china down to the upcoming china ms. pageant and to the new years eve but i look forward to
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celebrating the year of the snack. i think my daughters favorite part is the lucky money that comes to kids to who are not married. there's many events going on all over the city. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. i'm introducing a couple of requests today first is the hearing sponsored by chu on the states of the market street progress. i understand that frankly with this project the more oversight the better so we can get this
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done. the hearing will focus on the schedule in progress around the better market street plan and the agency coordination. we have a bike lane project on the market street. this could potentially make mission street the primarily place for bicycling. the proposal has caused considerable controversy and i think it's important we have a public dialog about that and the agency understand the public's southern. i want to hear about the
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progress of the market streets plan. always calling for 0 hearing relating to ordinary care staff boulevard and specifically to discuss the status of the boulevard. we held an issue on it last year and we want to know how the money will be spent. for contacts in 1999 san francisco's passed the legislation to transfer both prop i and the state senate bill mandated the area be solid for
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housing and dot national the cash. in order to put this project into effect the city in its agreement with the agency and keeping in the language with prop i said it would use the sale of the parcels. in this agreement it was also state that the remaining funds after all the transportation enhancements were done the rest of the money would go to other projects. along market street with all the new housing being built we're
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not accurately providing with the muni system. our muni system can't handle the new demands from this housing development. we need more funds for our declining transportation infrastructure. in connection with this hearing supervisor and i will be talking with the housing community in hopes of finding a resolution some type of middle ground so we can move past this dispute. i also have two tragic stories. we had an individual pass away
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at the age of 99. she was the highest raking
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used for. let me be clear i'm not prejulian this situation we're only trying to gather the facts. i'm committed to providing more affordable housing. in december the maintenance mount released it's reported on the san francisco police department over the proceeding 5 years and it showed that the intersection of market and the other streets it has the highest collision of bicycles in the city and i've personality been involved in two. sadly they've had more than their fair share. it also has the highest
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collision situations near market. we can't just call this a job well done and move on. affordable housing and traps are vital events we have to have in this city - people are - to
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greatly improve their lives. i'm very pleased that the sheriff department was awarded a grant under little second chance acre cover program.
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it will give the sheriff's department around $600,000 for helping people with p t s c. this program will help us reduce depends on drugs. i ask my colleagues to join me to give the sheriff's the fund they need >> thank you, madam clerk. just a couple of comments. first of all, i want to thank supervisor on his america cup supporting issue. what impact is that going to
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have on our basic neighborhoods. i just want to note that in report that as the san francisco chronicle not recently, we have had more than 18 thousand youth that have signed up for the youth programs in san francisco. i'm very grateful to those various schools and to the department of youth and to the families who have been working in san francisco to make this a reality. we want people to know that to families of who - could quality as low income that even if many have already applied there's still an opportunity to enroll.
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there's still an explanation process and if anyone is interested go to our mta website. and there's information on the nation mount website. we have a couple of weeks left before the program actually begins and this is something that we know will help a lot of families in san francisco. at the end of the day we're having youth at the end the programs. >> thank you. >> thank you, colleagues today at the request of our local rights community i'm asking congress to repeal the national
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defense authorization act. as i know i do often ask for resolutions on this but i think it's important we join in the 17 cities around the country. passed in 2007 and reauthorized at the end of last year the n da allows us to arrest citizens on our soil and this repeats is first incarceration of japanese who didn't have a right to a trial. those provisions violate the fundamental our fifth amendment right to a due process and our 6 and 8 amendments.
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those allow journalist to be detained. we all know that those who forget history tend to repeal it and our middle eastern families have - whose rights are violated. i want to thank my colleagues and dozens of other organizations including the bill of rights committee. the rest of my items i'll submit >> thank you that concludes roll call for introduction. thank you
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>> thank you. >> now, it's time for the public to address the policy items and the items adaptation. please know that items that have already been voted on will not be allowed to be commented on. >> thank you let's hear in our first speaker. >> first, i would like to tell our mayor and david kim, carman, yee and my favorite mar. >> including the neighbor and my building happy happy